Note this:

Note this.
This is
a love note.
This love is notable.

It is a novel.
This is

Read it like a Bible,
sing it like singing psalms
—praise God!—
until all air is sucked out of your sear-suckered lungs,

clutch it to your chest
like embracing your first child
never let go.

This is
a treasure.

Bank this
note and watch it
grow interest in the folds.


Hygiene or Vibrators

You walk around the house
pants down around your ankles,
electric toothbrush humming

in your mouth
the poster child for oral
hygiene or vibrators.



I never told you in actuality
I quite like the bleach drips down the left thigh of your favorite corduroys

reminiscent of jism you insist on wearing like your heart and your sexuality on your sleeve for the world to see

because it is but a reminder that underneath you is me,

and the ink bled into your arms
on the back of your calf and the front of your knee,

lines like those by your eyes I will memorize ‘til I can trace them blind in the black of night while you dream peacefully

for all the mornings when I wake
not next to your topography so alone is not a word in my vocabulary
because my mind’s geography is already tattooed with the brand of a man whose

calligraphy I hold onto like home and the possibility of forever.


Take Me

Take me on a table
Like a feast fit for a king grab handfuls
On a coffee shop countertop
fitting in a cup of Trouble after the daily grind,
And in the kitchen cutting discourse
palms pressed against the wall indulging in the buttery taste of flesh.
Take me as you
please but without manners
Take me as a matter of expression WWGD
What Would God Do?
I was made for you.

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